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    佛山市川美包裝機械有限公司坐落于華南機電制造重鎮——佛山市南海區,距離廣州白云機場50公里,車程40分鐘,距離廣州火車站25公里,車程20分鐘,緊挨佛山一環高速海五路出口,交通十分便利。   川美公司是一家集研發、生產、銷售于一體的現代化包裝設備解決方案供應商。公司廠房面積2000多平方米,員工80多人,其中工程師3人,設計師2人,研發團隊加起來將近10人。公司自成立以來,憑著對先進技術的不斷探索、研究和應用,公司發展已初具規模,擁有一支由專業技術人員、工程師、銷售和售后服務人員組成的富有創新精神的隊伍,已成功開發研制了多個系列八十幾個品種的包裝機械和相關配套設備,廣泛應用于食品、醫療用品、酒店用品、日用品、五金配件、文體用品、玩具等各種所生產產品需要軟包裝的行業。憑著先進的工程設計技術和優質的設備系統,我司已通過歐盟的CE認證,設備出口到英國、德國、法國、俄羅斯、美國、新加坡、馬來西亞、南非、以色列等國家,受到各國用戶的一致好評。  川美公司把最新的科研成果轉化為生產力,為客戶量身定制操作簡易、運行穩定、包裝成形美觀的解決方案,研發出了各種最適合客戶使用的設備。我們不盲目追求高端,我們鉆研的技術、開發的設備一切以實用和適用為原則,力圖為客戶提高生產效率,為客戶最大限度地創造剩余價值。   企業使命---匯行業優勢,創優質產品,服務廣大客戶 企業愿景---做世界一流的包裝設備解決方案供應商 經營理念---精心研發,堅持誠信經營,服務各行各業。    FOSHAN CHUANMEI PACKAGING MACHINERY CO.,LTD is located in the center of manufacturing town in South China -Nanhai district of Foshan city ,where is from 50 kilometers to Guangzhou BAIYUN international airport ,about 40 minutes by car ,factory is also nearby Guangzhou railway station ,25 minutes by car,the traffic is convenient for the exit of HAIWU road of Foshan Beltway.   FOSHAN CHUANMEI PACKAGING MACHINERY CO.,LTD is a comprehensive modern company integrating research, manufacturing and sale. Company plant area of more than 2000 square meters, more than 80 employees, including 3 engineers, designers 2 people, research and development team together nearly 10 people.Since founded, it has been taking shape by advanced technology which we continuously research, develop and apply. Possessing professional and technical personnel including engineers, salesmen and after-sales staff, we formed a initiative and cooperative team who has successfully developed more than 80 kinds of packaging machines and related equipment which widely apply for all kinds of products needed flexible packaging such as industries food, medicines, hotel supplies, daily appliances, hardware fittings, toys, etc. With superior design and advanced technology, our products have passed CE certification of EU. Besides, our equipment are extensively appraised by many customers from more than 30 countries such as England, France, Russia, Iraq, America, Singapore, Malaysia, South-Africa, Israel and so on. Chuanmei Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd transforms latest research achievement into productivity, tailors a perfect solution as well as equipment for each customer. All technologies and equipment are based on practicality and applicability, striving to improve efficiency and creating surplus value to the utmost for customers.   CORPERATION MISSION: Gather industry advantage ,create quality products ,and service all customers! CORPERATION TARGET: To be the world-class packaging machine supplier. BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY: Research technologies painstakingly ,adhering to honestly management ,and service whole industries!

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